shareuridea is  a community blog and forum dedicated to new thinking for a new era in technology. This is the place to become part of the discussion on the next generation of technology.

Joining in has never been easier. Have a blog post to share for discussion? Sign up, and you are already set up as a contributor who can post idea and more. If you have an idea you want to sound out in the community, share it anew in the forums, or add your views to an active topic. 

As a community effort, we need you to take an active part. If you have an area of interest or expertise, jump right in. The best contributions -- usually big-picture and definitely vendor-neutral -- will rise to the top.

Feel free to contact us.

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We are here to share ideas around the worl and let everyone explore the best ideas and make advantages. do not waste a minute and lets share your first idea with us.

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